Official Cover Art & Tracklisting For “21117 (TwoElevenSeventeen)”

This is the official front cover for Jay Verze’s upcoming project “21117 (TwoElevenSeventeen)” !

1. Time Out Ft. R.Jay (Prod. By TrackOfficialz)
2. Est. 1995 (Prod. By Flawless Tracks)
3. Matter Of Time (Prod By. IllMuzik)
4. Boring Nights & HipHop (Prod. By Lexi Banks)
5. Cruisin’ (Prod. by Lexi Banks)
6. All The Calls Are Off Ft. JuJuan Allen (Prod. By Kraze)
7. Interlude – 12 o’clock (Prod. By Dres’More)
8. The Drama Story (Prod. By Mr. kooman)
9. About That Time Ft. Rome Duran (Prod. By Flawless Tracks)
10. Teenage Lust Pt. 3 Ft. Will (Prod. By Rip Knoxx)
11. One Night (Prod. By Scrilla Beats)
12. Hands Up Ft. Tay West (Prod. By Scrilla Beats)
13. See You Later Ft. Y1 & Rickie Jacobs (Prod. By Rip Knoxx)
14. Feelin’ Like a Star Ft. StarrZ (Prod. By Luger Beats)
15. Let Go (Prod. By Lexi Banks)
16. Having A Goodnight (Prod. By Flawless Tracks)
17. Bonus: My Place Ft. Shwaze Collins (Prod. By Twigg)


About Jay Verze

Mr. 21117 . . . WOB

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